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National Sales Director, Top Pharma

"I have been offered any number of AI solutions over the past 10 years in my role as a National Sales Director. No tool has been as immediate as what I've seen with AskX in its ability to provide actionable feedback in real-time. What you are doing is incredible."

Gathering insights from both medical and commercial teams today either involves data input methodologies which, are either too strict and thereby provide little in the way of actionable insights or sit as open-ended notes left to decay inside of CRM-systems.

At best, those notes which are reviewed require hours upon hours of human labor and dedicated resources to aggregate on a pre-formulated set of inflexible desired insights or daily multi-hour debriefing sessions - both of which often culminate in anecdotal highlights - and make it hard to pivot and adapt strategically.

With Survey by AskX, leadership gets real-time feedback which translates into a next best action plan without all the monotonous work and thin takeaways. 



The Qualitative Side of Healthcare

We’ve indexed millions of qualitative data points from unstructured, real-world medical transcription records and brought them to life. Our proprietary AI tool lets you coax revelatory insights and actionable intelligence from one end of the data to the other — all in the service of optimizing the delivery of care and improving the patient journey.


Answers in Real-World Language 

Real-World Evidence by AskX empowers you to engage directly with our vast database — in plain language, at scale and in real time. From market research and enhanced HCP target lists to raw records licensure and bring-your-own-data capabilities, it gives you instant results and full-scale integration capabilities, adding an entirely new dimension to your data analysis practices.

Rather than the limited and selective responses that come with standard surveys, it derives its insights from the unfiltered, unbiased experiences of doctors in the field — delivered in a simple format that’s easy to interpret and share.

Real-World Evidence

By AskX

Actionable answers to your questions, delivered in real-world language

Ask What.  Ask Why.

Ask How.  AskX.


AskX is a proprietary, award-winning AI-driven platform that lets you gather survey responses, transcriptions and raw data of all types, and then explore that database for insights that will help you understand and improve every aspect of your business. Ask a question in plain language, get a plain-language response in real time. 

Why are patients discontinuing their medication?

What’s the progress on our latest pain management protocol?

Our Solutions

All This And More

Whatever you want to know.

Just AskX.


Through Survey by AskX, medical leadership can develop real-team insights around specific topics of interest related to your product. Dive into real-world feedback for sharper pre- and post-launch tactical decision making. Gain a better understanding of clinical opinions and behaviors, HCP interactions with patients and leadership to improve patient care.


Survey by AskX can help commercial teams gain actionable insight into access or payer issues, analyze patient experiences and pain points as reported to HCPs, keep an eye on competitor activity, take the pulse of HCP sentiment, and much more.

How It Works


Through real-time, AI-fueled analysis of responses to field rep surveys, Survey by AskX helps ensure launch excellence, suggests mid-course corrections and offers both microscopic and high-altitude views of your playing field.


Leadership can create surveys according to any schedule: daily, annually, or anything in between. Field reps respond in free-text “real speak”. Survey by AskX then empowers leadership to probe and query the results against any plain-language terms they choose.


The result is a next-level depth of understanding, clarity of wayfinding and variety of robust action-items, all delivered with a previously unimaginable degree of ease and elegance.


It’s one thing to hunt for pearls of insight in the outer reaches of the data-verse. It’s another to dictate the terms of the search yourself.



With Survey by AskX, compliance isn’t an after-thought. It’s the first step. 

Survey by AskX’s AI engine incorporates regulatory code review as part of the automated data ingestion process. Survey by AskX employs code-informed algorithms and multiple layers of compliance oversight to flag potential areas of conflict as they’re first entering the system —  before they become problems. And since Survey by AskX sits within Amplity’s security-compliant ecosystem, all data is firmly firewalled.


By AskX

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